Wetland Water Company and Product Profile

Wetland Water is sourced from the hills of KwaZulu-Natal, below the surface, where water occurs naturally. It is then filtered and bottled in a completely sterile environment, using state of the art equipment, to ensure that all essential nutrients remain in the water and those that are harmful are removed.

Our water is bottled in four convenient sizes - 5 litre, 1.5 litre and 500 ml, and our innovative new 750 ml Sports Cap. Furthermore, Wetland Water is now available in 10 litre bulk size. All our products are clearly branded with our Wetland Water labels and are 100% recyclable.

Wetland Water is tested regularly by an accredited laboratory (TO145) to dispel any safety concerns regarding the biological and bacteriological purity.  PH levels are tested daily, prior to and during bottling operations.

Starting as a small company six years ago, Pierre and Claude d’Offay have grown the business to cover the whole of the KZN coastline, from as far south as Margate and up to the Mozambican border in the north.

Intended for everyday use, Wetland Water is perfect for everybody, from the youngest of babies to adults. Drink just as is or use for cooking. Also perfect for making ice without the chemical taste that municipal water leaves behind.

Wetland Water boasts a one year shelf-life on all our products and top quality PET is used in the manufacturing of our bottles. It is therefore recommended that the final product be stored out of direct sunlight so as to prevent the water from becoming distasteful.

Management Commitment

Wetland Water is committed to producing safely bottled prepared water, of the highest quality. This has been achieved by establishing, documenting, implementing, communicating and maintaining a Prerequisite Program, in keeping with the standards set out in SANS 10049:2012. Our Food Safety Management System also complies with the following standards and regulations; GMP, R146, R718, R962, SANS 241 and SANS 5763 and the GFSI: Sixth Edition.

Typical Analysis

Calcium as Ca < 4.07 mg/L
Magnesium as Mg < 5.0 mg/L
Sodium as Na < 1.89 mg/L
Chloride as CI 1.58 mg/L
Sulphate as S04 < 1.63 mg/L
Alkalinity as CaC03 194 mg/L
Nitrate as N03-N 0.25 mg/L
Fluoride as F < 0.10 mg/L
TDS 20.5
pH ≥5 to ≤9.7
iron as Fe < 50
Aluminum as AI < 100
Wetland Water Logo. Top Quality Bottled Water
Wetland Water is sourced from the hills of KwaZulu-Natal